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Google Gears???

Though there is no news in Google there is news all around on Google Gears!!!



Check out this innovative cool technology... Anywayz Google once again keeps innovation on top of all others and is Bang n Bang n Bang on Microsoft! Is it media that is creating hype or is MS really lacking innovation? for past few years MS has been shown by media as merely a follower of the innovations coined by Google... hmmm.......

WinHttrack and Xenu

Few tools that kept me busy from last week.

WinHttrack - For downloading the Offline copy of a website
Xenu - For finding the Broken links in websites

Well, how these tools can be used in a live scenario? Here is the solution that is proposed for a live project using the tools above.

The overall project involves much more things to do, but on a short note the tasks that to be done with the above tools include Migration of static content from one website to another website.

Step 1: Use WinHttracker to get the offline copy of the website
Step 2: Ensure that the Folder structure is according to the Site's relative link structure
Step 3: Create a new website in IIS
Step 4: Deploy the Folder into IIS virtual root
Step 5: Check the Site for broken links using Xenu
Step 6: Manually fix all the error links/images or other files reported by Xenu

Thus we have the new site deployed in IIS which has the static content from the previous site.
Well don't worry the owner himself wants to migrate the static content from one platform to another platform in a quick timeframe and this is the solution proposed. So this is not a Site-content stealing exercise here :)

Surface Computing: Innovative User interaction from Microsoft

Microsoft going for another Technical adventure after XBOX aiming common places like restaurants, Hotels and Retail locations.
Wondering how different it is from the Touch-computing we already had in ATMs? Take a look at this link What’s Surfacing at Microsoft.

Introduction to Rational Rose - for Design new-comers

Well, that's it for today... Posted lot of entries that I've browsed to day... with satisfactory note, I am logging off giving a good link on "Introduction to Rational Rose" for those who are newly using Rational Rose...


J2EE: Struts-to-Spring Migration

Good comparison between Struts and Spring frameworks.
Struts-to-Spring Migration


Java - AntiPatterns

MOSS 2007: Quickly develop your Site home page

Some useful links on MOSS 2007 that we used in one of my previous projects to develop the Site Homepage...
Using SharePoint metadata in webcontent
News Aggregator web part MOSS 2007
Customizing the Content Query Web Part and Custom Item Styles
Change the default page when site is createdhttp://wcornwill.wordpress.com/2007/03/29/change-the-default-page-when-site-is-created/

Reference: Introduction to Generics in Tiger

A Good book on “Generics in Java Programming Language” available @ http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5/pdf/generics-tutorial.pdf

Interview tips for Struts preparation

Some more links on Interviews with Struts primarily in focus…


·         A High level yet useful introduction to Struts...




·         A Presentation discussing the code samples of an Action Form, Action class, strutcs-config.xml



·         The Official apache user guide....

A High level understanding of Struts with good code snippets..

This contains just 5 chapters.. do not go to the pages referred in these pages. just content in these 5 pages is sufficient...

See only the sections that I’ve mentioned, the other sections are not required as they are a bit advanced….

For ex: 4.8 means only 4.8 and not all sub-sections inside it.

This user guide contains 5 pages… take printout and read them…



            Everything in this page



Look at the following sections (sub-sections not included) : and others if you have time...

            2.1 Overview

            2.2 JavaBeans and Scope

            2.3 ActionForm Beans

            2.4 System State Beans


Look at the following sections (sub-sections not included) : and others if you have time...

            3.1 Overview

            3.2 Internationalized Messages

            3.3 Forms and FormBean Interactions

            3.3.1 Automatic Form Population

            3.3.2 Automatic Form Validation



Look at the following sections (sub-sections not included) : and others if you have time...

            4.1 Overview

            4.2 The ActionServlet

            4.3 ActionForm Classes

            4.4 Action Classes

            4.4.1 Action Class Design Guidelines

            4.8 Writing Action Mappings

            4.8.1 ActionMapping Example

            4.9 Using ActionMappings for Pages



            (You can skip this sections as most of the topics here are not generally used in all the proejcts. I have done 2 projects and have not touched any thing in this page)


All the Best for your Interview!!!


Interview tips for J2EE aspirants

Following are the kind of links that are preferred for any one preparing for Interviews… Right to the point, No deviation, Stick to Basics and Get understanding that is required for interviews. No head-banging with deep-dwelling theory books with thousands of pages to cover!!!


If you practice the things in these links, you can be confident and dwell deep into these topics when you are actually into the project later…and that too if required.


http://j2ee.masslight.com/Chapter1.html (J2EE introduction)

http://j2ee.masslight.com/Chapter2.html (JSP and Servlets)

http://j2ee.masslight.com/Chapter3.html (Tag Libraries)

http://j2ee.masslight.com/Chapter4.html (Struts)

http://j2ee.masslight.com/Chapter5.html (Advanced Struts) - Do not study

http://j2ee.masslight.com/Chapter6.html (EJB - Introduction) - Can go through for getting a lighter idea