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Interview tips for J2EE aspirants

Following are the kind of links that are preferred for any one preparing for Interviews… Right to the point, No deviation, Stick to Basics and Get understanding that is required for interviews. No head-banging with deep-dwelling theory books with thousands of pages to cover!!!


If you practice the things in these links, you can be confident and dwell deep into these topics when you are actually into the project later…and that too if required.


http://j2ee.masslight.com/Chapter1.html (J2EE introduction)

http://j2ee.masslight.com/Chapter2.html (JSP and Servlets)

http://j2ee.masslight.com/Chapter3.html (Tag Libraries)

http://j2ee.masslight.com/Chapter4.html (Struts)

http://j2ee.masslight.com/Chapter5.html (Advanced Struts) - Do not study

http://j2ee.masslight.com/Chapter6.html (EJB - Introduction) - Can go through for getting a lighter idea



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