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WinHttrack and Xenu

Few tools that kept me busy from last week.

WinHttrack - For downloading the Offline copy of a website
Xenu - For finding the Broken links in websites

Well, how these tools can be used in a live scenario? Here is the solution that is proposed for a live project using the tools above.

The overall project involves much more things to do, but on a short note the tasks that to be done with the above tools include Migration of static content from one website to another website.

Step 1: Use WinHttracker to get the offline copy of the website
Step 2: Ensure that the Folder structure is according to the Site's relative link structure
Step 3: Create a new website in IIS
Step 4: Deploy the Folder into IIS virtual root
Step 5: Check the Site for broken links using Xenu
Step 6: Manually fix all the error links/images or other files reported by Xenu

Thus we have the new site deployed in IIS which has the static content from the previous site.
Well don't worry the owner himself wants to migrate the static content from one platform to another platform in a quick timeframe and this is the solution proposed. So this is not a Site-content stealing exercise here :)

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