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Open Source UML modelling tools

Few days back, when I posted on Rational Rose tutorial, one of my friend asked if there are any UML modelling tools that he can get started on designing of class diagrams and sequence diagrams. Well I never thought in these lines as I already have Rational rose Enterprise installation in my company PC. Now i got answer to his question - The Open source UML tools.

You can get a good list of Open source UML tools @ java-source.net. The ones recommended on personal experiences from my friends are

  • Drawing Class Diagrams and Sequence diagrams
  • Reverse engineering classes from Java code
  • Copy Paste of diagrams to MS Word
Omondo EclipseUML - The free edition provides the following features
  • Plugin to the Eclipse IDE
  • Drawing Sequence diagrams and Class Diagrams
  • Class Diagram reverse engineering
  • But Sequence diagram reverse engineering feature is available only with enterprise edition.
AgroUML, MagicDraw and UMLet are other tools which are worth to mention here. Hope these are useful for new comers to get starting with Designing.


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