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Remote Desktop Error on Local Security Policy

Recently I got a laptop which has a crappy small keyboard and awful 14" small display added to it. I got accustomed to my 17" wide screen with a normal keyboard and my personal lappy is of 15" screen... I wanted to access my laptop remotely from my desktop itself for first few days.

Problem in accessing remote desktop through "Remote Desktop" getting the following error "Local Policy of this computer does not allow you to logon interactively". I've surfed through the web and found the following links are very helpful in resolving the issue.
1) To get an overview of the issue
2) To actually resolve the issue

Steps I followed to resolve the issue in the desktop that I wanted to connect to remotely

In the desktop that you want to be accessed remotely.
1. Start -> Control Panel
2. In Control Panel, Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy
3. In Local Security Settings, Expand the tree option:
Local Policy -> User Rights Assignment
4. Check the values for the following two Policies in the right pane:
a) Allow Logon through Terminal Services
Ensure that your id or any group that you belong to is present in this list.
b) Deny Logon through Terminal Services
Ensure that your id or any group that you belong to is not present in this list.

In the desktop that you want to run the "Remote Desktop" client to access any system remotely
1. Run the "mstsc" command to start the Remote Desktop client.
2. Give the user credentials to login

The steps above resolved my issues. Some pre-requisites to be met to actually access any system remotely are:
1. The system should be enabled for remote access.
Steps for enabling a system for remote access are given below:
Right click on "My Computer" icon and click on "Properties"
select the "Remote" tab.
select the check box agianst "Allow users to Remotely connect to this computer".
2. Following services should be enabled on the system
Run the "services.msc" command.
Ensure that the "Terminal Services" service is running"

:) Happy problem solving.

1 comment:

albert cann said...

I have been experiencing the same problems.. and my question is, why does MS make it so hard to use their RDS product? You'd think with so much 3rd party Remote Desktop competition, they would want to make it a stronger part of their offer. Just goes to show how quality suffers when MS still has such a near monopoly. Hopefully Mac will continue to grow, and will fix this.