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JQuery - crossing the Javascript barrier

In my recent project I had my first love with JQuery javascript library. earlier I used to afraid and escape from javascript for its complex coding and now I am a big fan to it. Thanks a ton to JQuery :).
JQuery makes a javascript developer's life easy in many ways
  • Selecting the HTML elements and manipulating them.
  • Making AJAX calls in an cross-browser compatible way.
  • Processing the AJAX response using the JQuery selectors which include XPath expressions as a subset.
  • Traversing the HTML elements, attributes using the Selectors.
For me processing the JSON response sent from the server for building a huge table dynamically is a cake walk and cannot imagine doing this without JQuery.

To know the full power of what you can do with JQuery watch out these links where JQuery is the core of making these
Spinning 3D Universe
JQuery Tetris
Color Picker

and last but not the least, JQuery comes with full documentation, and tutorials. An interesting visual documentation for JQuery is very handy.

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