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Embed Picasa web private albums as Slide show into your Blog

I was trying to share my picasa web album in my blog and was exploring the functionalities provided by Picasa.
Earlier I used to show the Album cover photo and manually give a link to it to point to the Slideshow url of the picasa album.
The New Embed feature is really very helpful as it allows viewing of the Picasa album from with in the site.

It all happens in few steps as below

1) Add photos to your Web album as you do regularly.
2) Open the Album by clicking on the album.
3) The Right Side bar will be displayed as below

4) Click on "Link to this album" link. The option for Embed slideshow is displayed as below:

If youdo not  have "EN- US" as the language in your picase settings, then the "Embed Slideshow" option does not appear.

5) Click on the "Embed Slideshow" link. A dialog box opens as below

Select the options as you link, I always prefer to disable the "Autoplay" feature.
As it is the user of the site, who has to decide if a particuler media component has to be played automatically. Initially with out knowing this feature, I added six albums which resulted in un-acceptable behaviour as all sx albums  started playing automatically.

6) Copy the HTML code snippet given in Step 5 and paste it into your blog.

Hurray, the process is done,,, and you now have the album that can be displayed as slideshow direcly on your site.



বাংলা ডিজিটাল চোটি said...

is that the way to embedded privet albums to the website?! if i choose photo album privacy "only me" then the slide show does not working on my website. now what to do??? :/

Naga Dakshina Murthy Nookala said...

You should select 'Anyone with Link' option so your site had the link and it will show the slideshow! If you select the album property as 'Only You' then even your website should know that it is you! (ie, you must login to google and have the session active)