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My Analysis on Google Chrome

Well to my surprise today,, the When I logged into Google Search Home page I saw the ad for "New! Download Chrome (BETA) - the new browser from Google" instead of the regular ad promoting the Mozilla firefox.

As a Google gadget fan, I downloaded the new browser immediately and found it is worth to download and use it.

On first look the browser 
- Had a very light weight user interface giving more space for the site content instead of the toolbars, address bars and all.
- Google innivation can be seen at every inch of this browser, for example when you open the browser.
Instead of opening a blank screen, it opens up the frequently used site home page for you.
Effective use of the Title bar to show multiple tabs - saves space for user...
- The most striking point is its speed, it is lightening fast when compared to IE or Firefox on my system.
- Another noteworthy feature of this brand new browser is the "Task Manager".
- It can list all the sites that are currently open with in-depth technical details for nerds.

Well it is also equipped with a DOM inspector and a javascript debugger.. I am yet to explore these 2 features... Having said all this I cannot use this browser for my project activities as the tools that I use do not support these beta versions. (Documentum Web Publisher, HP Quality Center, etc.,). 

Overall it is going to be a very useful browser and have all features to become a shining star in google sky. I am going to use this for my personal activities and surfing for sure.

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