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Classpath compile errors for JAXBObject

I am getting the exception below in RAD when I tried to compile a portlet project:

Description Resource Path Location Type
The type com.sun.xml.bind.JAXBObject cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files UserAttributeBean.java FindProductPortlet/src/com/<comp_name>/<proj_name>/portlets/findproductportlet/bean line 1 Java Problem

Well this is a very basic exception and I've resolved it ample number of times, but at times, we tend to let loose the jar files names and search all the jar files for the file.

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Naga D Nookala said...

The com.sun.xml.bind.JAXBObject class was present in the jaxb-impl.jar.

The compilation error got resolved, once I include this jar in the class path.