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Create animated GIF file from multiple images

Ever see those animated Gif files which can display multiple images one after another?I wanted to have one for myself to put it in one of my blog and surprised to see that there is one very old small tool of microsoft that can be handy.

It served my purpose as my requirement is just to show the images one after the another. Quality of images that I used below are poor mainly due to get it quickly nature and due to lack of time, aloha comrades we are all running short of time at the end of day :)

If you do not want to install the freeware/shareware in your desktop. You can refer the online GIF creator web applications like

Update: 24/May/2010 - All in all of the links above have limitations on the configuration parameters and mainly on the size of the animation files. The tool that resolved all of my issues and met requirements is http://www.photoscape.org

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Naga said...

oh ho..http://picasion.com/ is giving a 502 Bad Gateway error