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URL Shorteners - quick post

I was surprised to see some urls that my friend was using these days.
I was wondering how he is hosting his blog content from a diferent website altogether and still get a short url instead of a long one.

Any long url can be converted into a small url for example:

The tiny url is definetely a better option to share with friends when sending in mails or blogs.

The major con with this approach is that we are dependant on the unreliable middleman bit.ly or tinyurl.com for the redirection to your domain.
Mainly because of 2 reasons:
As a user you were not sure where you are getting redirecting by seeing these short URLs and you may sometimes end up not clicking on the url.
and second as the URL owner you will not be sure how long these tiny URLs are supported by these sites.

The main advantage that I see is that the url shorteners like bit.ly provide a way of tracking the hits to any arbitrary url shared to the audience. But with Google Analytics and other top of line tracking systems, you were already tracking the visitors of your blog/ site.

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