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CSS 3 test it yourself

Very useful information and self-check of CSS styles in your browser...

Resolving the Form resubmission issue in Web application - Browser Back button issue

I stumbled up on a very frequent issue to be faced by a web application developer - the Browser Back button issue.
Question is how can we handle the resubmission of forms when user clicking on the Browser Back button?

Following links have provided me a clue on getting pass by this: Synchronizer token is the simple answer to handle at server side. Gives idea on the generic Presentation Tier Design Considerations: http://www.corej2eepatterns.com/Design/PresoDesign.htm

Gives focus more on the issue giving example in Struts framework: http://www.java-samples.com/showtutorial.php?tutorialid=582

Generating the classpath in Manifest files using Ant Script

I had a requirement to generate the classpath in Manifest files usng Ant Script and i found the link below to be very useful: http://martin.ankerl.com/2005/11/30/howto-create-manifestmf-classpath-from-ant/

The issue is discussed step by step in detail in this discussion: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/858766/generate-manifest-class-path-from-classpath-in-ant

tag libs in 2.3 and 2.4 webapp

Recently came across migrating the 2.3 Webapp to 2.4 webapp and one of new learning is to change the taglib directives.
Taglibs in web.xml of 2.3 is as below:
To make the same tags work in 2.4 web-apps the above section should be encapsulated in tag <jsp-config> as given below.

ref: http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=691985

Issue with Struts Portlet and Events in JSR 286

Just came across the following link which says the Struts Portlet cannot use the Events feature of the JSR 286 specifications and hence the wires cannot be created.
The solution is to stick with JSR 168 specifications if the portlets are to be wired and use Struts portlet framework.