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getting error FATAL no pg_hba.conf entry for host user database SSL off

Getting the error below when I try to run the sql-maven-plugin for the project;

getting error FATAL no pg_hba.conf entry for host <host:ip:addr>, user <dbuser>, database <dbname>, SSL off

After searching through net I've added my local IP address to the hba.conf file using PGAdmin III tool
Tools Menu -> Server Configuration -> pg_hba.conf
Inserted one more row as below
Type: host
Database: all
user: all
IP Address: <my system IP address> <eg:  99.999.99.999 >
method: password   (I was using password as clear text in my build script).

Even after this I was getting the same error as above, after some more time of debugging, multiple trials and observations, I observed that a '/32' was present in IP Address column.

I've added '/32' as suffix for my IP address also in pg_hba.conf file and it resolved the connection issue.
In pg_hba.conf file a new row is inserted as below:
host    all             all             99.999.99.999/32            password

This solved only half of my problem as my IP address is not a static IP, so instead of adding multiple IP address entries, we can use 'samenet' literal as an IP address to accept all IP address in the same subnet.
host    all             all             samenet            password

Chrome Browser not opening pages not even the New Tab page

My Chrome browser got updated to v19 morning and after that its just next to useless, I can type on the omni  bar (aka location/ url bar) but the content pane seems just loading for ever!!!

Created a shortcut of chrome.exe with an extra parameter -no-sandbox, and this helped me in opening it back,. It looks like below in my Win 7 system:

Not sure when the real chrome would open normally again though!
With the target of getting out a release too often, Chrome is getting dirty too often!

Update!: A Restart on computer fixed the original issue, so back to normal

Maven war packaging issue

Was getting the error message below when trying to package a web application to be deployed as war in tomcat:

Caused by: org.codehaus.plexus.archiver.ArchiverException: webxml attribute is required (or pre-existing WEB-INF/web.xml if executing in update mode)


These link helped in resolving the WAR packaging issues that I was getting. As per the second link, I moved my webapp resources to a folder src/main/webapp.