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Image-less text-only browsing in Chrome

If you want to improve your productivity while browsing internet in office, do below for a change!

Create a new profile in Chrome,
   Now you can create a profile quickly by clicking on the left top corner of chrome window titlebar
When you are in new profile change Settings as below:
Wrench Icon -> Settings
in Settings page, click on 'Show advanced settings'
Under Privacy, click on 'Content Settings...'
In Images -- select 'Do not show Images'
    you can manage the exceptions as and when you are browsing'
In Plugins -- select 'Click to play' option and click on 'disable individual plug-ins...' link
    In the new disable individual plug-ins... tab - disable the plug-ins that you don't want to be loaded..

See how your browsing and surfing changes for the day and how you see the web in a different no-image angle! am loving it as it is less distracting, very fast and straight to the point, than a clutter of images.

Well you will end up adding the exceptions for the sites where you want to see images, But I would highly recommend this mode if you are browsing the web in office and your surfing involves browsing the forums for technical solutions in textual nature!

You can always go back to your profile and see the web in its original mode with images.

I searched for the chrome extensions for text only image less browsing that would allow me to do this, but could not find the extension that could match the behavior i got by doing this. Moreover i do not want another extension be running slowing down my system.

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