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Getting alerts when ever Google detects a new page with your name

I search for myself in google some times just to see if I was tagged in by somebody in the places I should not be. And for some times to see if my personal data (photos, family blog entries etc.. ) is getting leaked into the public search results.
While changing some of the google sccount entries I found this useful setting to get automatic alerts for a search keyword when a new page is scanned to have the 'keyword' in it.

Go to your Account page.
   While you are in Gmail, click on your profile photo, it opens a layout with links 'Account', 'Privacy', 'View Profile' etc.
   Click on the 'Account' link.
   In the Accounts page, Expand the 'Account' from left navigation
    Click on the link 'Me on the Web'
'Me on the Web' page opens with 3 sections, click on the 'Manage web alerts' button in 'Stay current with web alerts' section.
Your name is pre-populated, click on 'Add'

The Google Alerts feature has been there for a long time, I personally used it around 9 years back for some time.
But i feel making use of Alerts in this form makes sense and just a smart reuse of an existing feature!